My entire experience with the Global Reach team, Siliguri was absolutely amazing. The entire teams hard work and dedication is what I am most grateful for. Thank you all for being so accommodating, patient and extremely helpful. The guidance provided by the team made everything so much easier and clearer for me. The entire process from choosing of my course to the arrival of my visa was smooth sailing and hassle free. There was never a moment in my experience where I felt I had been placed second to another client. The team was always there to answer my queries and did not ever lose patience. You guys have been fantastic and am very grateful for all your help and support. I would recommend Global Reach, Siliguri to everyone who wants to go abroad to study. The team leaves no room for complaint.

Tegha Subba, Deakin University, Australia

Anupma_Sirohi_LallI would like to place on record my appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to Global Reach for guiding and enabling me to pursue higher studies in New Zealand. The Team has gone out of their way and even worked for my case  on  holidays to ensure that the documentation was complete in every aspect. With the Christmas holiday season and a January commencement of the course program, it was their relentless perseverance that enabled timely completion of all formalities.

Thank You Ananya & Global Reach!

Anupma Sirohi Lall, University of Waikato, New Zealand

student_maleMy journey from India to the UK was supported by Global Reach, Guwahati, where I received guidance at each and every step. Right from counselling to applying to universities, Global Reach gave me constant assistance. The visa application process seemed less cumbersome with their valuable insights. Global Reach is the reason why I have been able to reach the UK today to study Music Technology and Performance.

Rohil Talukdar, DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK

student_maleApplying to a foreign university is a long-winding process. The staff of Global Reach, Guwahati made this entire procedure unbelievably simple. They offered extensive counselling and also helped with the application procedure. The visa procedure too was smooth thanks to Global Reach. I am grateful to Global Reach for their unstinted support and they were an invaluable ally in this journey of studying abroad.

Swapneil AnandTalukdar, DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK

student_maleI had dreams of pursuing higher studies in Australia from a very early age. I was fascinated by Australia’s high standards of living, superior quality of education and employment opportunities. I became aware of Global Reach while browsing through the websites of various Australian universities. I contacted the nearest Global reach office located in Guwahati. The untiring efforts of Aparna Saha (executive counsellor) and Rinjee Baruah (manager, counselling), enabled me to secure an offer from University of Melbourne after graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Silchar. The entire process was hassle free—right from the efficient handling of admission applications to the swift procurement of the e-visa—all thanks to the hard work undertaken by the Global Reach Guwahati team. I am immensely thankful to the Global Reach counsellors for making my childhood dreams come true.

Rishiraj Borah, The University of Melbourne, Australia


The university I am studying at (ANU) is an extremely prestigious public university and I am having a wonderful experience out here. The lectures here are simply brilliant and other academic facilities also offer a very conducive environment for knowledge dissemination and gathering.

I thank Global Reach Pune for helping me explore this new horizon. The staff was very cooperative and they worked tirelessly to make my entire admission procedure to ANU a seamless one. Sincerity and proactivity were hallmarks of their work ethicsI am grateful to the entire team of Global Reach for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I would strongly recommend aspiring students to go right ahead and explore their career opportunities with Global Reach, Pune.

Karan Vinod, Australian National University (ANU), Australia


I am currently pursuing a one-year Master’s program (MSc) in Nano Bio Science at the University College Dublin.I am working on a computational biophysics project as part of the research requirements during summer term. The course commenced in September 2014 and since then I have had the opportunity to acquaint myself with a wide variety of disciplines and sub-fields within the broader field of biophysics. My tenure in Dublin has been enormously enjoyable, a city that is safe, cosmopolitan with a friendly local population.

My application to this particular course and subsequent acceptance, along with the visa application procedures, were simplified to a great extent by the phenomenal support that was given by the Global Reach team at Guwahati. The application process was streamlined to a large extent thanks to the continuous guidance of Rinjee and Aparna. The pre-departure briefing too, was particularlybeneficial, helping me to adapt to the academic and social environment here. My heartiest congratulations to Global Reach on completing 25 years! I would definitely recommend Global Reach to all Indian students aspiring to pursue a degree abroad.

Bikramjit Bhattacharjee, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

sidddhanI believe that Global Reach has the highest degree of authenticity, maintaining transparency in all stages of the study abroad application procedure—right from selecting a country, to choosing a university and securing the visa. Ithas been a wonderful one year in Canada. I have completed my studies and looking for a job. As the tenure of my course was one year I am eligible to get a work permit of one or one-and-a-half years, but that can be easily extended. If I work here for 12 months, I will be able to apply for permanent residency. Though there are no direct campus placements, there are plenty of online jobs available. I get to apply to at least 20 new jobs every day. It may take some time to bag a job offer but I am confident of doing so soon. It has been an awesome experience in Canada so far. The local people of this beautiful country are very humble and helpful. Many of the students here are from Punjab and I guess I am the only one from Bihar. I will be more than willing to offer any support to students from Patna to come here and make a mark.

Siddhantb Shekhar, George Brown College, Canada


I believe that Global Reach has the highest degree of authenticity, maintaining transparency in all stages of the study abroad application procedure—right from selecting a country, to choosing a university and securing the visa. Ithas been a wonderful one year in Canada. I have completed my studies and looking for a job. As the tenure of my course was one year I am eligible to get a work permit of one or one-and-a-half years, but that can be easily extended. If I work here for 12 months, I will be able to apply for permanent residency. Though there are no direct campus placements, there are plenty of online jobs available. I get to apply to at least 20 new jobs every day. It may take some time to bag a job offer but I am confident of doing so soon. It has been an awesome experience in Canada so far. The local people of this beautiful country are very humble and helpful. Many of the students here are from Punjab and I guess I am the only one from Bihar. I will be more than willing to offer any support to students from Patna to come here and make a mark.

Siddhantb Shekhar, George Brown College, Canada


I had an amazing experience with Global Reach as they took care of even the smallest detail and that too with utmost dedication. I thank Global reach for making my dream come true and helping me at every juncture. A special note of thanks for my counsellor who addressed all my queries and consulted me in every aspect.  Australia is a wonderful place to be. People here are really helpful but with a lot of rules and regulations quite unlike India. It feels like I am in Hogwarts replete with technology.

Kishore Khatodia, University Of Melbourne, Australia

Kinjalak-SinghI am enjoying my stay here in Australia. Though the weather is a bit chilly, the ambience and facilities are all world class. I am almost half way into the course, which will be concluding on December-14. I had applied to UTAS-AMC individually but the process got unexpectedly smooth when I involved Global Reach. Most of the formalities were undertaken by them and I was constantly apprised of new developments. I received my visa within just three days and that was really unexpected. You just have to take care of your side of the paperwork, Global Reach does the rest. I would like to thank my counsellor for the quality help, suggestions and replies to all my queries. There was no slip-up in my admission and I highly recommend this consultancy to study abroad aspirants.

Kinjalak Singh, University of Tasmania, AMC, Australia

RohitMalhanWell I am doing great over here. It is over 5 years for me now to be in New Zealand.I completed my post-graduation from PIHMS and now I work for two five-star hotels here in Queenstown as executive housekeeping manager. I have also obtained full residency, which is a great thing to happen. All this has happened because of Global Reach; they guided me on the right path to pursue my higher education that enabled me to complete my studies and secure a job here in New Zealand. They really helped me a lot. My heartiest thanks toGlobal Reach and I wish them all the success.

S Rohit Malhan, PIHMS, New Zealand


My experience with Global Reach has been spectacular. I have received a 100% scholarship from the University of Melbourne, Australia’s number one university, for the Bachelor of Science program, all thanks to the amazing counselling I received at Global Reach, Guwahati. Global Reach was a blessingthroughout the entire process. Initially, the Global Reach team helped me shortlist theuniversities that had courses available matching my interests and future goals. They provided valuable insightsregarding the importance of these courses later in my life and what job opportunities I would have if I selected them. Once I had decided which universities I was going to apply to, together we researched the possible scholarships I was eligible for, as that would aid me greatly in my endeavour to pursue my higher studies in a foreign nation.

Fortunately, I was selected for a 100% scholarship by the University of Melbourne. Following this, I applied for my visa through Global Reach. The procedure was extremely stress-free and I received my visa in less than two weeks.

My elder brother Barnam Bora had also applied through Global Reach, Guwahati and graduated from the University Of Adelaide, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently an enterprise technology strategist at Microsoft.

I would highly recommend students to apply through Global Reach for their higher studies. The counsellors are extremely friendly, focussed and efficient, always eager to help.

Kaushik Bora, University Of Melbourne, Australia


The academic system in NZ is very different from the one in India. You are expected have consistent preparation levels all throughout the course. Last minute studies don’t help in getting good grades. We are supposed to be given regular quizzes, presentations and assignments apart from the scheduled mid semester and final exams for each paper. Coming from a technical background it was initially difficult for me grasp the new concepts but the AUT lecturers were very supportive in this regard. There is a lot of student-teacher interaction and the teachers help us out in class and during their office hours.In New Zealand, AUT is the best university for pursuing business studies ranking right after Auckland University.

Apart from the time at the university, life is very demanding here. It’s always beneficial to work part-time in one’s chosen field of study. Finding a related job and balancing your studies with your personal life is quite a task. But you get used to that routine as well. Once you start earning, life here gets pretty comfortable. Part time work helps you secure referrals which are very crucial for working full time here after the completion of the course.

New Zealand is truly a paradise which will stun you with its beauty. There is so much to do and so much to offer for people with different tastes and from different cultures. The people here are very friendlyand helpful. Most importantly NZ is a very safe place.I am immensely enjoying my time here and I am really happy that I chose this place and the course I have as choosing the right course is very important for making a livelihood here.

I am really thankful to Global Reach- Patna ;Indrajit Sir, Brijen Sir and Sitasaran Sir for guiding me and making my journey from India to NZ so hassle free. The entire process, right from application to e visa process wouldn’t have been easy at all without your support.

Monisha Srivastava, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand


I am so pleased to write my feedback about Global Reach Patna. I came to Australia in 2006, after completing my Masters in Public Health from Southern Cross University, Lismore. Based on my Australian qualification and work experience, I obtained an Australian Permanent Residency. Currently, I reside with my family in Geelong, Victoria, which is 60 km away from Melbourne. The reason for moving here was a better quality of life and better jobs for my wife and me. We are really very happy to be in a country, which is truly multicultural and gives high respect to migrants. I would like to thank Global Reach to make all this possible for me. Had not I been given the chance by you, I would have not have become a Permanent Australian Resident and a father of newly born Australian Citizen. To sum it up,“A stich on time saves nine.” Thank you all.

Dr Santosh, Southern Cross University, Australia


After completing my PG diploma in wireless networking from George Brown College, I got a job in the telecommunication sector (Further Tech Inc). I am all set to apply for Canadian PR.Global Reach is doing a great job in guiding students towards their objectives. Students need not bother about the back-end procedures such as communicating with colleges or universities and can focus their energies towards more important things. Expert advice from skilled staff helps students achieve their goals. The staff also helps in making an informed choice when it comes to selecting courses best suited to one’s requirements. Global Reach offers top-notch services and they help students consistently, right from the first day of meeting till the completion of the course. Keep up the good work Global reach. I wish you all the very best.

Paramjit Singh


I am studying Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer Engineering (Accelerated Program) at the University of Cincinnati. I work for Citi Bank as an IT intern (technical analyst) and earlier I used to work for a health company called AssureRx as a software engineer. I got to know about the University of Cincinnati from the director of Global Reach, Patna (DrSitasaran Singh). They took care of the application processing with great responsibility; regular updates about the application status were conveyed to me through emails, so that I never had to follow up with the university. Their team of experts is well skilled and equipped with appropriate knowledge. The counsellors are extremely efficient possessing adequate knowledge about every university that they deal with.

The University of Cincinnati has an excellent engineering program and is ranked number two in the US for its co-op program. Co-op has benefited me immensely in my career. After doing seven months of co-op at two different companies, I learnt a lot, but I was inspired to learn more and go back to school. I had a whole new approach to work ethics and skills that I wanted to further develop. I learnt to tackle my work and prioritize my time. Coming to US was the best decision I ever made and I have really grown as a person.

Ashish Ranjan, University of Cincinnati, USA

Asad Imam

I had a wonderful experience with Global Reach Patna. During the very initial days of consultation I was introduced to university representatives from Australia and UK. Such an opportunity enabled me to get my queries addressed by the university officials directly. Their comprehensive answers gave me the confidence to believe in my study abroad dreams. Global Reach also helped me immensely during the preparation forIELTS. I remember being given a guide by GR who was immensely helpful. During my IELTS exam at Hotel Maurya, Dr Singh’s presence gave me confidence and helped me relax. I would like to mention here that Dr Singh is a very encouraging individual providing you the right guidance. I also would like to thank IndrajitSir and Brijen Sir for their help and guidance during the visa application process. They helped me create a ‘rejection proof’ visa application.

Asad Imam, University of New Castle, UK

Rizwan Mohammad

Hello Global Reach Team

Season’s Greetings

I am writing this mail to apprise the Global Reach team my activities of late. I am happy to inform them that I secured a part- time job last month, in the sales the department of a mobile store here. They are paying me as per the New Zealand basic pay rules.

My classes are regular and so are my studies, all good from my side and I have made some Kiwi friends too.

As informed earlier, I have also secured an internship with a government based community radio station here,FREE FM 89.0.I am doing a weekly news show in Hindi for the Indian and Fiji Indian populace. My show is called ‘Surkhiyaan’ and is aired every Sunday from 6 pm to 6.30 pm. I was asked to start off in Hindi and then smoothly transition to English shows. The publicity for the same is done through Facebook and the Free FM website, where my show details and my photo have been posted. The link for the same is:

Once again I thank the Global Reach team and wish it all the success.

Stay in touch.


Rizwan Mohammadn, Wintec, New Zealand


My studies are going great. The education system here is very different from India. Every week we need to take a test which contributes to the final grading. The professors are very erudite. Some of them are members of the development committee of Bluetooth, IEEE,etc. It is a huge honour to be a part of these classes, being taught by such highly qualified professors.

The education system here is more practical in its approach very similar to the IITs. We get to handle some very expensive devices in the lab for as much time as we want. No wonder that North America is a dominant contributor to most of the recent developments in telecommunications. The books are very expensive here so one has to rely on the Internet for gleaning information. Although the speed of the Internet is lightning fast, I do find it ambiguous most of the times. One book costs around $125-150, so I would suggest that aspirants get to know more about the curriculum and carry the required books from India.

Canada, I feel, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. People here are very humble and cheerful. They are very cooperative and always ready to help immigrants like us. The transportation system is very efficient, with a subway (metro) every 2 minutes anda bus or a streetcar (tram) every 15 minutesin every corner of Toronto. Although the fare is $3 for just a one-way trip, a student pass is available for $104 a month, which is valid for all modes of public transportation. They say that the minimum temperature goes down to -40 degree Celsius! I have never experienced even a zero degree in my life and I’m actually very excited to experience such severe cold.

Being in Canada today, I would like to thank you (all the members of Global Reach) for making my dream come true.

Siddhant Shekhar, George Brown College, Canada


I am highly thankful to Global Reach, Patna for letting me be a part of Dundee University. It is supposed to be a leading University in the UK and a leading institution in every field, growing leaps and bounds. I feel great to be here as the Dundee Medical School is supposed to be the biggest teaching hospital in Europe. Last but not the least, I want to extend my thanks to all faculty members of Global Reach, Patna,especially IndrajitGanguly who supported me wholeheartedly while searching for the university as per my chosen subject matter.

Vivek Swaroop, Dundee University, UK

Angaraj Duara

In the beginning of the academic session, all students had to go through an induction week. This was very complicated for international students. But I didn’t find it as perplexing as the rest as I was briefed suitablyby Global Reach. They also made formalities like visa and other admission procedures happen fairly easy.I am very happy with the service I got from Global Reach. Thank you.

Angaraj Duara, University of Leicester, UK

varun mohan

Global Reach has truly been dedicated in its efforts to send me to study at Charles Sturt University in Sydney. Each and every member of their staff is very knowledgeable and well aware of current facts and figures regarding the admission procedures and university requirements. Study abroad aspirants can get in touch with Global Reachwithout any inhibitions. I can say this from first-hand experience, having witnessed the efforts they put into my case. This would not have been possible without their support and help. Thank you Global Reach.

Varun Mohan, Charles Sturt University, Australia

chandan biswas

Canada is an awesome country and Toronto is a beautiful city established on the pillars ofmarketing, finance and banking. Students who come here to study marketing and finance get many opportunities to work here. Recently, I got my co-op job at the Bank of Montreal. What’s even better is that according to the Canadian as well as immigrant population, George Brown College is a reputed institution to study at. I think Canada is the best country to study and work.

Chandan Biswas, George Brown College, Canada

daphne D'gama

Thanks to the consistent and reliable assistance from Global Reach, Kolkata, today I am on top of the world down under!  Though Perth is a bit mechanical in its approach and excessively clean and organised, the people are friendly and warm, the weather pleasant, transportsystem well connected and easily accessible, the culture diverse, the cuisines various and the surroundings beautiful! Though living costs are high, there are plenty of part time jobs available. It has taken me quite a bit of time getting used to the teaching and academic writing style, but the faculty members at Edith Cowan University are  extremely supportive and cooperative and making friends from every corner of the world has been a thrilling experience! Willingness to accept change and thinking positively is what makes me fall in love with Perth and ECU a little more, everyday!All the very best to anyone following their dreams!

Daphne D’gama, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Fiona leong

It has been a pleasure to interact with Global Reach as their valuablecounselling, constant support and guidance as well as the friendly atmosphere is something not to be found anywhere else.The best part is that this support did not end once the admission was done; in fact it carried on till my arrival and familiarisation with this new place. Special thanks to the extremely helpful counsellors. I could not have asked for a better student life here in the UK, where you learn as well as enjoy to the fullest! I am happy that I did not listen to others who had negative thoughts about studying here. It is a beautiful place to be in and the knowledge gained is invaluable both inside and beyond the class.

Fiona Leong, Robert Gordon University, UK


I am Deena Baruah from Guwahati, Assam. At present, I am working as an environmental consultant at Eco Ventures P Ltd in Mumbai. The journey with Global Reach has been very special for me. My father always wanted me study in the UK while I was a little sceptical about it. However I thought of giving it a try and attended a Global Reach seminar on studying abroad in Guwahati. Everything about the seminar was so good that it compelled me to visit their office with my father. On the very first day I was impressed with their hospitality, the ample information provided and the warm atmosphere at Global Reach. I had to go back to Chennai since I was doing my under grads over there but I was in regular consultation via phone and e-mails. I was always provided with substantial information for each and every doubt in spite of not being physically present in Guwahati. Starting from the recommendation letters, to the writing of the statement of purpose to filling up of applications, Global Reach helped me get the best of everything and as a result I managed to get through the University of Manchester, which is one of the topmost universities in the world. It did not end there though; Global Reach guided me throughout my Visa proceedings until I got it.

I would like to thank Global Reach wholeheartedly for the enormous help and support provided to me and also for making my work easy. I would suggest every aspiring study abroad student to definitely choose Global Reach as the supporting consultancy. You will always be thankful.

Deena Baruah, University of Manchester, UK

Sudha Arya

Global Reach is one of the best overseas educational agents in India. The counsellors are very friendly and helpful and applying for overseas educational institutions becomes very easy because of their efforts. I applied to Deakin University through Global Reach and the process was very simple. Deakin University is one of the top universities in Melbourne and I really love being a part of this prestigious institution. The faculty over here is supportive, cooperative and very friendly. The off-campus services are superb. If any on-campus student misses his/her class due to any reason he/she wouldn’t have any cause for concern. Lots of events like multi-cultural festivals are held here where participation is always certified. The university ambience is very cool and we all enjoy being a part of this campus.

Melbourne is a very beautiful place to live and study. It is very important for international students to accept and respect the culture and lifestyle of this city. It is a busy place with busy people, so people are involved in their personal lives. International students should always be on their best behaviour so as to avoid any untoward incidents. I enjoyed every moment of my life here and am sure I will continue to do so in future. Thank you Global Reach for suggesting such a good university to me.

Sudha Arya, Deakin University, Australia


I am really thankful to the team of Global Reach Bhubaneswar for being patient with me and guiding me immaculately to reach my goals. A special thanks to SusmiTripathy for being so sweet and nice to me. The overall experience with Global Reach was awesome and I think it’s the best place for anyone who wants to move out of India. Lastly, I would like to thank the whole team of Global Reach BBSR.

Swetav Tripathy, Robert Gordon University, UK

Avishek Mohanty

I would like to thank “Global Reach” for helping me out at each and every step. It has indeed been a wonderful experience that I shared with everyone right from the time I walked into “Global Reach” till I stepped into the University of Strathclyde. Thanks for helping me with everything, and counselling me throughout. It was due to your help that each and every process was a cakewalk.

Avishek Mohanty, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Kirti Sharma

Thank you so much for all your support and assistance in providing me with such a great opportunity. My experience with Global Reach has been great, everything happened very smoothly and most of all in a timely fashion. I really appreciate your help. Good Luck!

Kirti Sharma, Monash University, Australia

lipsa Samantaray

Thanks to the entire team of Global Reach, Bhubaneswar for being so dedicated and supportive and helpingme get through one of the best B Schools in Australia.Their excellent responsiveness and friendly approach has given a wonderful start to my career and helped mereach the goals and objectives thatI always aspired to achieve.

Lipsa Samantaray, University of Melbourne, Australia

Aakriti Bachhawata

This is my third week at ANU, and as I look back, I realize I couldn’t have been here if it had not been for Global Reach. My experience of university and visa application went by so smoothly that I hardly had any contribution to the process (except for the mere submission of documents). Applying through this agency had various advantages, since my counsellor Clare Tham was in constant touch with the university admissions department throughout, and all my little queries(and I had a millions of them!) were taken care of instantly. Also, since Global Reach has tie-ups with various institutions like HDFC and Thomas Cook, the other logistical issues too were easily taken care of. Applying for a visa to any country is a difficult process, keeping in mind the large amount of documentation required, but following Global Reach’s expert advice and extremely cautious approach meant that all possible mistakes were mitigated and my application sailed through! Believe it or not, I received my visa in just 4weeks, counting the holiday season in December as well! Global Reach is a boon to anyone looking to study in Australia or New Zealand and I am sure for other countries as well.Thank you GR!

Aakriti Bachhawata, Australian National University, Canberra


My stint with Global reach has contributed immensely to my movement to a UK institution. I am also thankful to SumanBaig and SushmiTripathyfor helping me find the best possible university and helping me all the way through.Global Reach Bhubaneswar is a must for all the help astudy abroad student requires his/her higher studies.

Suman Patnaik, University of Glamorgan, UK


It was an experience of a lifetime. The Global Reach staffnot only guided but also mentored me. Their concern for the students is really appreciable. Amazing consultancy provided by amazing staff members.

Anshuman Bohidar, Swansea University, United Kingdom


I just want to thank you for making everything so easy and for guiding me at every step, giving me the opportunity to come here. It’s a great university and has really nice people. I will be forever thankful to you and the whole Global Reach Team.

Chetan Deka, Newcastle University, UK