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My Experience with Global Reach has been spectacular. I have received a 100% scholarship from the University Of Melbourne, Australia’s No. 1 University, for the Bachelor Of Science program, all thanks to the amazing counselling at Global Reach, Guwahati. Throughout the entire process Global Reach has been a blessed companion. Initially Global Reach helped me to sieve out the Universities where there were courses available which harmonized with my interests and my future goals. They provided valuable insight as to what these courses would translate to later on in my life and what opportunities I would have if I chose them. Once I had decided which Universities I was going to apply to, together we researched the possible scholarships I was eligible for, as that would aid me greatly in my endeavour to pursue my higher studies in a foreign nation.

Fortunately the end result was that I was selected for a 100% scholarship by the University of Melbourne. Following this I applied for my Visa through Global Reach, the procedure was extremely smooth and I received my Visa in less than two weeks.

My elder brother Barnam Bora had also applied through Global Reach, Guwahati and Graduated from the University Of Adelaide, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he is currently an Enterprise Technology Strategist at Microsoft.

I absolutely recommend students to apply through Global Reach for their higher studies, the consultants are very amiable and friendly people, and they are also extremely focussed and efficient and are always willing to help you.

Bikram Kaushik Bora, Bachelor Of Science (Majoring in Computing And Software Systems)
University Of Melbourne, Australia. January, 2014

I feel Global Reach is the most genuine institute maintaining a transparency in all the stages while applying abroad, starting from picking a country, selecting a university till getting the visa.

It has been a wonderful one year in Canada. My studies are complete now and I am looking for jobs. Since the duration of my studies was one year so I will get a work permit of 1 or 1 and a half years, but that can easily be extended and when I would work here for 12 months in my field, I will also be eligible to apply for the permanent residence. There are no direct college placements but there are plenty of jobs online. Everyday I apply for at least 20 new jobs. It takes some time to finally get a job but I am confident I will get one soon.

The Canadian experience has been awesome till now. The people here are very humble and helpful. It is a beautiful country. There are many students here from Punjab and I guess I am the only one from Bihar. I would be ready to provide all kinds of support to encourage students from Patna to come here and make a mark.

Siddhantb Shekhar, PG Diploma, George Brown College, Canada

Well I am doing great over here. It is over 5 years for me now to be in New Zealand.
I finished my Post Graduation from PIHMS, Now I work for 2 five star hotels here in Queenstown as Executive Housekeeping Manager. I got my residency, which is again good.

I finished my Post Graduation from PIHMS, Now I work for 2 five star hotels here in Queenstown as Executive Housekeeping Manager. I got my residency, which is again good.

It is all happened because of GLOBAL REACH, they shown and suggested me the correct path for my higher education which gave me excellent opportunity to work and make my career bright in New Zealand. It is really helped me a lot.
Thank you so much GLOBAL REACH once again. Let me know if you guys need my help for anything.

I Wish Global Reach for its successful career track over last 22 year.

Rohit Malhan, PIHMS, New Zealand

After completing my PG diploma in Wireless Networking from George Brown College, I have got a job in Telecommunication Sector (Further Tech Inc. Company) Now I am to apply for Canadian PR.

Global Reach is doing a great job in guiding students towards their objectives. Students need not to bother about the back end works such as communicating with colleges or universities and can focus their energies towards more important works. Expert advice from competent staff helps students to achieve their goals. Staff also helps to choose appropriate courses depending on one’s requirement.

Service of Global Reach is top notch as they help students from first day of meeting till students complete their course.

Keep up the good work. Best of Luck.

Thank you all.

Paramjit Singh

I am so pleased to write my feedback about Global Reach Patna. I came to Australian in 2006, after finishing Master of Public Health from Southern Cross University, Lismore. Based on my Australian qualification and work experience, I got Australian Permanent Residency.

My family and I are currently residing in Geelong, Victoria, which is 60 km away from Melbourne. The reason for moving over here was better life and job for my wife and me. We are really very happy to be here in a country, which is truly multicultural and has got a high degree of respect to migrants. I would like to thank Global Reach to made all this possible to me. Had not I got the chance from you all I would have not become a Permanent Australian Resident and a father of newly born Australian Citizen. In one word, “ A stich on time saves nine”

Thank you all.
Kind regards,

Dr Santosh

My name is Ashish Ranjan and I grew up in Patna and Bangalore. I am studying Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer engineering (Accelerated Program) at the University of Cincinnati. I am working for Citi Bank as an IT intern (Technical Analyst) and before I worked for a health company called AssureRx as a software engineer. I got to know about the University of Cincinnati from the director of Global Reach, Patna (Dr. Sitasaran Singh). They took care of the application processing with great responsibility; regular update about the application status was informed through emails so I never had to follow up with the university. They have a whole team of experts which are well skilled and equipped with appropriate knowledge. They are very efficient and the counsellors have very good knowledge about every university that they are dealing with.
University of Cincinnati has an excellent engineering program and is ranked number two in the US for its Co-op program. Co-op has benefited me as far as my career experience has gone. After doing seven months of Co-op at two different companies, I had really learned a lot, but I was inspired to learn more. I was quite inspired to go back to school. I had a whole new mentality of work ethic and skills that I wanted to advance. I really learned how to tackle my work and prioritize my time. Coming to US was the best decision I ever made and I have really grown as a person.

Ashish Ranjan, Graduated from University of Cincinnati, USA

My experience with Global Reach Patna was wonderful. I remember that in my initial days of consultation itself I was introduced to university representatives from Australia and UK. Such an opportunity allowed me to ask questions to the university officials directly. Their satisfactory answers gave me the confidence that my ambition of studying abroad is indeed possible. Global Reach also did a massive help during the preparation of my IELTS. I remember being supplied a guide by them which proved immensely helpful. Also during my IELTS exam at Hotel Maurya, Dr Singh’s presence gave me the confidence and put me at ease. I wish to add saying that Dr Singh is a very encouraging individual and will provide you the right guidance. I also commend Indrajit and Brijen Sirs help and guidance during the visa application process. They provided me accurate guidance and helped me create a 'rejection proof' visa application.

My achievements—My ambition was to study in the UK and in a red brick university and Newcastle University was the perfect university. I was glad that Global reach had association with them.

The following are some of things I achieved some through Global Reach's help and advice and some through my own hard work—

  • Scored a near 8 in my IELTS
  • Finished Masters with a First Class
  • Gave presentations of my Master's project (Dissertation) to industry specialists
  • Secured a job related to my degree
  • Secured a visa sponsored job in London based on my qualification and experience and now heading up a department in my company

Asad Imam, Graduated from Newcastle University, UK
At Present : Head of Search Engine Marketing, Tamar.com, London, W4 4PH (U.K.)

Hello Global Reach Team

Season's Greetings

I am writing this mail to update the Global Reach team my activities off late. I am happy to inform that I have secured a part time job last month, in sales the department of a mobile store here. They are paying me as per the New Zealand basic pay rules.
My classes are regular and so are my studies, all good from my side and made some Kiwi friends too.
As I had informed earlier, I have also secured internship in a Govt based community Radio Station here,
FREE FM 89.0.

I am doing a weekly news show in Hindi language for the Indian and Fiji Indian crowd. My show is called 'Surkhiyaan' and is aired every Sunday from 6 pm to 6.30 pm. They suggested me to start off in Hindi language and then things are smooth I shall get the English language featured shows. The publicity for the same is done through Facebook and the Free FM website, where my show details and my photo has been posted. Follow the link if you wish: http://www.freefm.org.nz/programmes/surkhiyaan-hindi-news-show
Once again I thank the Global Reach team and wish for its success.

Stay in touch.

Rizwan Mohammadn, Graduate Diploma in Communication
Wintec, NZ

Global Reach has truly been dedicated to sending me to study at Charles Sturt University in Sydney. The only conclusion i came to is that each and every member of their staff is very knowledgeable and well aware about the current facts and figures regarding the admission procedures and university requirements. It is safe to say that you can lay your case with them regardless of any inhibitions.
I only say this because they put a lot of effort into my case. So yes, I really think that this would not have been possible without their support and help. Thank you Global Reach

Varun Mohan, Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Charles Sturt University, Aus

It was a delightful experience, evrything had been a breeze till now. I am thankful of all the help and would like to wish Global Reach more succes in future

Rohit Kumar Borah, Master of Engineering Studies( Electrical and Electronics)
University of Auckland, NZ

In the beginning of the session, all the students had to go through an induction week. This is very complicated for international students. But for me this wasn't very complicated as I was properly briefed by Global Reach. They also made other formalities like visa and other admission work fairly easy.

I am very happy with the service I got from Global Reach. Thank You.

Angaraj Duara , Foundation for Engineering and Technology – BSc Physics with Astrophysics
University of Leicester, UK
Canada is a awesome country and Toronto is a beautiful city based on marketing, finance and banking.students who come here to study in marketing and finance, they get many good opportunities to work here.

Recently, i have got my co-op job in Bank of Montreal. Moreover, according to the Canadian & Immigrant people George Brown College is a renounced college across Canada. I think, Canada is the best country to study and work all over the world.

Chandan Biswas , PGD Certificate –Marketing Management, Sept' 12 Intake, George Brown College, Canada
Hello Sir, I'm fine and hope the same for you all. My studies are going great. The education system is very different from India. Every week there is a test, which contributes to the final grading. The professors are very learned. Some of them are members of the development committee of Bluetooth, IEEE,etc. It feels an immense pleasure to be in such classes, being taught by such highly qualified professors.

The education system here is more practical oriented very similar to the IITs. We get to play with some very expensive devices in the lab for as much time as we want. No wonders why North America is a dominant contributor to most of the recent developments in telecommunication. The books are very expensive here so one has to rely on Internet all the time. Although the speed of the Internet is lightening fast but I find it misleading most of the times. One book costs around $125-150 ,So I would suggest for the upcoming students to find out about the course syllabus and get the books from India.

Sir, about Canada, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. People are very humble and very happy here. They are very co-operative and always ready to help immigrants like us. The transportation is very feasible, every 2 mins there is a subway (metro)and every 15 mins a bus or a streetcar (tram) for every corner of Toronto. Although the fare is $3 for one side but a student pass is available for $104 a month, which is applicable to all modes of public transportation. They say the minimum temperature goes to -40 degree Celsius, woof !! I have never experienced even a zero degree in my life, I'm actually very excited to experience such severe cold.

So being in Canada today, I would like to thank you ( to all the members of Global Reach ) for making my dream come true. Sir, if you ever need my assistance in anything, I will do it wholeheartedly.

Siddhant Shekhar, Postgraduate Degree in Wireless Networking, George Brown College
I am Deena Baruah from Guwahati, Assam. At present working as an Environmental Consultant at Eco Ventures P Ltd. in Mumbai. The journey with Global Reach is very special for me. My father always wanted me study in the UK while I was a little skeptical about it. But then I thought of giving it a try and attended a Global Reach seminar on Studying abroad in Guwahati. Everything about the seminar was so good that it compelled me to visit their office with my father again. The very first day I was impressed with the kind hospitality, the ample information and the warm atmosphere at Global Reach. After that I had to go back to Chennai since I was doing my Under grads over there but was with regular consultation via phone and e-mails. I was always provided with substantial information on each and every doubt of mine in spite of not physically present in Guwahati. Starting from the recommendation letters, to statement of purpose to filling up of applications, Global Reach helped me to get the best of everything and as a result I managed to get through University of Manchester which is one of the top most Universities in the world. That was not it, Global Reach guided me throughout my VISA proceedings until I got it.

I would like to thank Global Reach wholeheartedly for enormous help and support provided to me and also for making my work easy. I would suggest everyone who is an aspiring student and wants to study abroad to definitely choose Global Reach as the supporting consultancy. You will always be thankful.

Deena Baruah,MSc Environmental Monitoring, Modelling & Reconstruction, University of Manchester
Thanks to the consistent and reliable assistance from Global Reach, Kolkata, today I am on top of the world down under! :-) Though Perth is a bit mechanical and excessively clean and organised, the people are friendly and warm, the weather pleasant, transport well connected and easily accessible, the culture diverse, the cuisines various, the surroundings beautiful! Though living costs are high, there are plenty of part time jobs available. It has taken me quite a bit of time getting used to the teaching and academic writing style, but the faculty at Edith Cowan University are supportive and accommodating and making friends from every corner of the world has been thrilling! Willingness to accept change and thinking positively is what makes me fall in love with Perth and ECU a little more, everyday!

All the very best to anyone following their dreams!

Daphne D’gama, Bachelor of Science Psycology (H), Intake FEB 2012, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Thank you so much for all your support and assistance in providing me with such a great opportunity. My experience with Global reach has been great, so much so that everything happened very smoothly and most of all in a timely manner.

Once again I really appreciate your help.

Good Luck!

Kirti Sharma, Masters in Information Technology, Monash University, Australia
I am highly thankful to Global Reach, Patna for directing me to Dundee University. It is suppose to be the leading University in UK and showing progression in every field by great leaps and bounds. I feel great to be here as Dundee medical school is suppose to be the biggest teaching hospital in Europe. Last but not the least, I want to extend my thanx to all faculty of Global Reach, patna specially Indrajit Ganguly who backed up me while searching for university of my subject.

Vivek Swaroop, MSC, Medical Science Dundee University, UK
Hello everybody, I am Siddharth, 24, male from Kolkata currently residing in Sydney . I have recently joined The University of Sydney in the feb 2011 session. The course I am curreetly pursuing is a 12 month Master Of Management programme at the University of Sysney Business School. At the very outset, I would like to explain the reasons for choosing Australia as a study destination and then move onto talking about the university of sydney in particular.

Why Australia and The University Of Sydney Business School ?

Australia has over the years emerged as a potential education hub. The G08 universities have an excellent reputation on a global level, high standards of research, excellent faculty, huge diversity of courses and beautiful campuses. The University of Sydney, UNSW, The university of Melbourne , ANU etc are part of this group and impart world class education covering various disciplines. Sydney is a great place to study in due to its great cultural diversity, career opportunites in ares like management consulting and investment banking, good weather, high levels of education.Though, I have found the city to be quite expensive, accomodation and travelling can be managed with the right planning. There are a lot of part time work opprtunites and internships on offer especially to postgraduate students. I would really suggest to anyone planning to pursue post grad studies in business, engineering etc to come down and take in the experience of Australia.
It is absolutely safe and there are no racial tensions here.

The University of Sydney is among the top three universities in Australia and in the top 10 in Asia . It also has a world ranking in the top 50 universities in the World.The business school has an alliance with the CEMS programme which is a premiier management eduaction programme in Europe.Hence, students pursiung their Master of Management can even spend one semester abroad in premier Europen insititute like LSE, HEC etc. This aspect makes this programme very global in nature.The school also has great corparte connections with Deloitte, PwC and KPMG.We have a great course, quite intensive and the workload is demanding.However, it is gropu oriented and highly interactive.

Apart from this, you can always join various clubs and socities during uni which could be an enriching experience and opportunity to make loads of friends.

I hope my experiences help you to make the right choices with your careers.

Warm Regards

Siddharth Singhvi, Master Of Management, University Of Sydney, Australia
I am really thankful to the team of Global Reach Bhubaneswar for being patient and guiding me properly to reach my goals. special thanks to Susmi Tripathy for being so sweet and nice to me. Overall the total experience of Global Reach is awesome and i think its the best place for anyone who wants to move out of india. In the end thanks a lot to the overall team of Global Reach BBSR

Swetav Tripathy, Msc. Management, Robert Gordon University, UK
Few words about Global Reach: I feel really happy that I made the decision to come to GR. I am satisfied to the core with the support and assistance I have received. I would say its experience and expertise at highest level what GR possess and which sets it apart. You know from the very first moment that you are in safe hands. And the support extends even after that; I am still in close touch with GR and feels like a family. Guys who are aspiring to come to NZ, I would say to them do your job and leave the rest with GR; you are lucky to have GR at Kolkata.

According to me and many other travelers NZ is the most beautiful country in the world. Apart from its spectacular landscapes and beauty, I would say it is one of the best destinations for studies as well. The universities are of high quality and offers high range of course. Being a PhD student the kind of support I have received is overwhelming and I hear similar stories from many others. The extraordinary aspect is its relaxed life style, which makes you feel happy and content from inside, yet inspires you to do more. The supervisors and people around you are friendly and helpful. And probably a very important aspect is the cost of living is standard and everywhere student discounts and prices are available. Multicultural university set up and high standard of life makes NZ a preferred country for higher education.Personaly, I have an amazing supervisor and a great team to work with ( the Morison Group) and I feel very happy to he here.

Aniruddha Chatterjee, PhD in Medicine, 2nd year, Dunedin school of Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand
Full Scholarship: from NRCGD (centre of excellence), Govt. of New Zealand
Global Reach has been a pleasure to be with because the valued counseling, the constant support and guidance and the friendly atmosphere is one that cannot be replaced by any other. The best part is that the support did not end once the admission was done, in fact it carried on till my arrival and getting accustomed to this new place. Special thanks to the extremely helpful counselors, guess I had the best one to help me...Clare!!

Could not have asked for a better student life here in the UK, where you learn as well as enjoy to the fullest!! Happy that I did not listen to others who had negative thoughts about studying here. It is a beautiful place to be in and the knowledge gained is invaluable both in and out of class.

Fiona Leong, MSc. International Marketing, Robert Gordon University
Global reach has been a great help to me and with each step I took toward Australia I realized just how much I depended on my councilor, Madhumita and Tania. I was nerve-wracked but with every step i fell back on them for support!!! I am glad to say that with the help from global reach I am in my destination country, destinated uni and doing my destinated course. Thanx Global Reach, the endless journey was worth it all.

Australia is very different from what I expected so far. I am doing a teaching course at Murdoch University. And it could not be more different from India. The normal blackboards we use in India is nothing compared to the touch- screen boards we learn to use in order to teach the students here. Its all so technologized!! if thats even a word!!I love my life here and all the opportunities a new country offers.

Josephine Ling, Bachelor of Education (Nursing), Murdoch University, Australia
I am currently a student at TAFE, Mount Druitt, Australia. It's been around 6 months since I started my course in Information Technology, and I can honestly say that opting for this overseas course was one of the best decisions in my life. I had a dream of completing my higher studies overseas in Australia. But there is a big difference between a dream and turning it into reality and the guidance and assistance provided by GLOBAL REACH have helped me achieve that. They are very professional in what they do and provide students with the right counselling and guidance, so that students can reach their goals.

I would like to thank Clare Tham, who helped me through this whole process starting from selecting the right college, to applying for my visa and have stayed in touch even after my arrival in Australia, to check on how I have been doing. I can't thank her enough for all her help and support. I am equally grateful to all the other members of Global reach for all their support. One more thing that I would like to mention is the pre-departure information GLOBAL REACH provided me with, helped me handle the changes once I arrived in Australia. Thanks a lot for all your support and guidance.

Debasish Ghoshal, Diploma of Information Technology, Tafe NSW, Australia
I would like to thank "Global Reach" for helping me out at each and every step. It has indeed been an experience to share with everyone from the time i walked into "Global Reach" till I stepped into University of Strathclyde. Thanks for helping me with everything, and counseling me through out. It was due to your help each and every process became very smooth.

Avishek Mohanty, Masters in Business and Management, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Global Reach is one of the best overseas educational agent in India. The councellors are very friendly and helpful and applying for overseas educational institutions becomes very easy because of them. I applied to Deakin University through Global Reach and the process was made so simple. Deakin University is one of the top universities in Melbourne and i really love my university. The faculty over here is very supportive, cooperative and very friendly. The off-campus services are even superb here. So, if any on-campus student misses his/her class due to any reason, would never regret for that. Lots of events like multi-cultural festivals are held where participation is always certified. The environment at the university is very cool and we all enjoy being part of this university.

Melbourne is a very beautiful place to live and study. It is very important for international students to accept and respect the culture and lifestyle of this city. Well, its a busy place with busy people, so people are involved in their personal life. It should always be kept in mind by international students that they don't misbehave or distract people to avoid any mishaps. I enjoyed every moment of my life here and am sure will do in future. Thank you Global Reach for suggesting such good university to me.

Sudha Arya, Kolkata, Deakin University, Australia
This is my third week at ANU, and as I look back, I realize I couldn't have been here if it had not been for Global Reach. My experience of university and visa application went by so smoothly that I hardly had any contribution to the process(except for the mere submission of documents). Applying through this agency meant various advantages, since my counselor Ms.Clare Tham was in personal touch with the university admissions department throughout, and all my little queries(and I had a million of them!) were taken care of instantly. Also, since global reach has tie-ups with various institutions like HDFC and Thomas Cook, the other logistical issues too were easily manageable. Applying for a visa to any country is a difficult process, keeping in mind the large amount of documentation required, but following Global Reach's expert advice and extremely cautious approach meant that all possible blunders were mitigated and my application sailed through! Believe it or not,I received my visa in flat 4weeks, counting the holiday season in December as well! Global Reach is a boon to anyone looking to study in Australia or New Zealand and I am sure for other countries as well. Thank you GR!

Aakriti Bachhawata, Master of International Relations, Australian National University, Canberra
Global reach, as an education service agent has exceeded expectations on every front!! They have been exceptionally accurate and prompt with their advice and information on top of being friendly and empathizing with every situation. I wish Global Reach all the best!

Gaurab Roy, Masters of Business, Bond University, Australia
It was nice being 2 years trying to go abroad for further studies. But due to some of my problems,I couldn't. But atlast I've done it. Special thanks to my Counsellor Madhumita Guha Roy. She was very polite and generous throughout the period. I really liked that. All well that ends well. Thank you to Global Reach and thank you once again to Madhumita.

Shamsir Haider, Kolkata, MBA, London School of Commerce, UK
Last year, when I was planning to pursue full-time MBA in Australia, there was only one education consultant I thought of and that was Global Reach. It was an easy choice given the outstanding reputation that Global Reach has in field of foreign education consultancy and the superior quality of services that it provides. Needless to say, I found the all the relevant information about Global Reach's history, contact details, universities, examinations, visa requirements (including the simplified e-Visa system) on the website. There was also a useful blog updated regularly by Global Reach MD Ravi Lochan Singh, which shared informative details about the education scenario, student life and other general news about Australia. I wish Global Reach the very best in their endeavour to set new benchmarks in the field of foreign education consultancy."

The following is a brief description about ANU, Canberra and the people.

"My stay in Australia till date has been a pleasant experience. I am currently studying the two-year full time MBA at Australian National University (ANU), one of the leading universities not just in Australia but globally. I am living in Canberra, the capital of the Australian Commonwealth, a beautiful city with a lot of open public spaces and friendly people. The locals are polite and helpful and it certainly helps if you are reasonably fluent in English as it helps in communicating a better way. Like other Australian cities, Canberra has a cosmopolitan environment with people from diverse backgrounds. People form all over the world live and study here and this adds to the charm of this city. Canberra has a population of around 320,000 and income levels and living standards are quite high.

Swarnava Adhikari, MBA, Australian National University, Australia
My experience with GR has been stupendous. In addition to guiding me professionally through the admission and pre departure process they have been supporting me personally even now after finishing my studies here in Australia. They help to ensure we dont just arrive here but also succeed in our aspiration. They were correct in recommending the UNISA for my post grad studies in Manual and Sports physiotherapy, as i had a very good experience at UNISA. Its one of the most reputed universities of Australia with very high standard of education.

I would recommend everyone who can to use the services of GR. I bet you wont regret!

Gauravi, Master of Manual and Sports Physiotherapy, University of South Australia, Adelaide
Thanks to the entire team of Global Reach, Bhubaneswar for being so dedicated and supportive and help me get through one of the best B Schools in Australia.Their excellent responsiveness and friendly approach has given a kick start to my career and directed me to achieve the right goals and objectives for which i have always aspired.

Lipsa Samantaray, Bhubaneswar, Master of International Business, University of Melbourne, Australia
The experience with Global Reach has been a very good source for me in coming down to UK.I am also thanful to Suman Baig and Sushmi Tripathy in helping me find the best possible university and helping me all the way through.As for my suggestion Global Reach Bhubaneswar is a thumbs up for any and every help required for a student for his/her higher studies/academics.

Suman Patnaik, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, MSc International Business and Enterprise, University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom
Was an experience of a life time. The Global Reach staffs were not only my guide, but also my mentor. Rather a family to me. Their concern for the students is really appreciable. Amazing consultancy comprising of amazing staffs.

Anshuman Bohidar, MSc Health Care Management, Swansea University, United Kingdom
I just want to thank you for making everything so easy and for guiding me at every step to make it possible for me to come here. It's a great University and really nice people. Will be forever thankful to you and the whole Global Reach Team.

Chetan Deka, Msc Computing Science, Newcastle University, UK
It was an extremely satisfying experience with Global Reach. I give them top marks in every aspect-Counseling, Applications and visas. I was well informed about the different options for all countries. All areas of field are outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Cherry Murry, Master of Professional Accounting, University of Canberra, Australia
I am very happy with the way the entire process was done starting from Applications to visas. They did not fail to deliver on any front. I will certainly recommend Global Reach to every student who wants to study overseas.

Bhargavi Bezboruah, Bachelor of Urban Design and Planning, Bond University, Australia
The whole process starting from counseling to visas was done very nicely.The pre departure information gave me details about the formalities to be done on reaching AIT.I thank Global Reach for helping me to get the 50% fellow ship in AIT.

Sanghamitra Konwar, Master of Computer Science, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Global Reach helped me in every stage of my application and visas. The predeparture information helped me a lot.I will definitely recommend other students to come to Global Reach.

Jyotishman Nath, MSc Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Greenwich, UK
Coming across Global Reach was one of the best thing that has happened to me. Many a thanks to Global Reach and I am forever indebted to the wonderful team for making my dream of overseas education come true.

Ronmi Bora, MBA, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
I did not know Global Reach was a huge organization, until I stepped in. They have made my dream come true. Global Reach in one sentence is very Helpful, very Satisfactory and very Ethical.

Aakash Gujjar, Middlesex University, United Kingdom
Global Reach to me is like my friend, philosopher and guide who have shown me the correct path to achieve my goal. Hats off to their service.

Suraj Patel, Diploma of computing, Bachelors, MIBT, Australia
Thank you Global Reach for everything. It is because of Global Reach that my life has turned 180 degree. Once again thank you.

Avinash Abraham, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
I'll recommend my friends and relatives to come to Global Reach as no other comes close to it.

Viral Patel, TAFE South Australia
Global Reach's counselling was comprehensive with introduction to oppurtunities presented brilliantly leading to a correct decision.

Sean Kumar, Melbourne, Australia
The initial counseling was great and very helpful. Every one has been very helpful and been great source of information.

Tara Dutta, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
Very informative, the counseling was helpful and patient. The visa assistance was good. The application process has been good, cooperative and very helpful.

Vandana Shah, University of Technolgoy, Sydney, Australia
The entire process from the application till the visa has been very satisfactory. The pre-departure session provided a lot more information in terms of the country, its rules and regulations, its culture, etc.

Abhishek Gupta, University of Queensland, Australia