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Things to Know Before Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand, one of the most desirable STUDY DESTINATIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, has so much to offer to the students. The country, having eight universities, provides educational programs rather than vocational; these universities provide a wide range of subjects for Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral PhD degrees in fields like science, commerce, humanities etc. Some of them also offer degrees in specialized fields like medicine, engineering, and agriculture.


Because of its magnificent & diverse culture, locality, picturesque landscapes and fresh atmosphere, studying in New Zealand is sure to make your study experience dreamlike. Are you considering studying in New Zealand? If so, then here are the 10 most beneficial things you ought to remember prior to packing your bag and placing your feet in New Zealand.


Demanding courses to study in New Zealand:

  • Architecture, Construction & Interior
  • Agriculture & Veterinary Science
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Graphic Design & UI/UX
  • Computing & Information Technology
  • Sport Science
  • Game Developer
  • Commercial Pilot Program
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Creative Arts & Film Studies
  • Dairy Farming
  • Event Management
  • Social Work


Conducting a Research



The very first step before you take off to New Zealand is that you conduct a very quick thorough research regarding where and what to study. Make sure you compare all the universities and courses prior to applying for the right institution. Also compare the institution rankings, its welcoming nature for international students, the facilities provided by the universities, the institute’s faculty and so on.


Applying to the Institution


Right after conducting your research, you are required to apply to the institutions as early as possible. Do not wait for the last moment as you would hardly get any time left and last minutes rush is often unhealthy. Make sure you double check all the necessary documentations demanded by the institution or university; and do not forget to get certified copies made prior to applying.

The application mode can be done either through CERTIFIED EDUCATION CONSULTANTS or agents or directly through the institution’s website.


Get Your Paperwork Done


Now that you have applied to your selected institution, you need to complete your paperwork. The institute would send you an offer letter which you need to accept obviously. Go through all the information very carefully and check if any of the information is wrong. Also make sure that you submit all the documents demanded by the institution.


Clearing your English Proficiency Tests


To get admission in one of the top universities of New Zealand, you need to clear some English Proficiency Tests namely either IELTS or TOEFL or PTE and your chances of getting into the university of your choice depends on your score in this English proficiency test. Once you clear these tests you are ready to place yourself in one of the top universities; because higher you score, the best university options you get. It is your high scores which can break or make your dream of studying in one of the best universities in New Zealand.

It is recommended that you look for an institute that can help you prepare for the English Proficiency tests. Global Reach also conducts such IELTS and PTE coaching classes where students can avail guidance by expert professionals.


Apply for a Student Visa


To STUDY IN NEW ZEALAND, you will, of course, require a student visa. This is the last yet the most crucial step to make your dreams come true. Minus the student visa, and your dream of studying in New Zealand is shattered.

For detailed information about student visa you can consult your counselor as they are better updated on the latest visa requirements and regularly handle such cases.


Finding Accommodation


Apply for accommodation as early as possible prior to landing in New Zealand. Find accommodations which are nearest to your university. Most universities even have in-campus accommodations; and that would be a better option if you find one.

You can search for accommodations online and make sure you reserve one in advance. Contacting Indian students who are already studying or had studied in your choice of university can also give you valuable information about localities and all related issues.


Only 8 Universities in New Zealand


You might be surprised to learn that there are only 8 universities in New Zealand, if you consider the size of the country. Universities similar to that of the USA, such as, Auckland University of Technology, University of Auckland, Massey University, University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington etc. comprises of 17,000–33,000 students; while the private universities consist of 3,000–12,000 students. All these Universities are highly focused on practical learning and are known for the real-life experience methods which prepare students to face any situation that may ever come up.


Applying for Scholarships


New Zealand is known for the scholarships for international students. These scholarships provide the financial support to the meritorious and the deserving candidates. You can apply for a Go Overseas and Education New Zealand scholarship as acquiring this scholarship would help you in covering your tuition fees and other such expenses. However, it is a highly competitive scholarship but that should not scare you as apart from this, the Universities also offer several individual scholarships.


Work Opportunities


New Zealand offers plenty of work opportunities to international students. If you want to earn some money, you can work after college hours or during your vacations. This helps you in minimizing your expenses; also you learn to utilize your money as and when necessity arises. However, to know more about this consult your counselor or you can check the immigration laws of the land.


The Best Cities for You


Some of the top student cities of New Zealand are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton among others. These cities offer you a very favorable academic atmosphere where you can study peacefully without interference. Also these cities are known for their hygienic and safe environment which helps the students absorb positivity from the surroundings.


These are some of the most crucial things you ought to know prior to studying in New Zealand. Make sure you keep in mind these things before you take off to your journey to the “land of the long white cloud”.

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