Kolkata (City Office)

The Millennium, 235/2A, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Adjacent to HHI, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
(+91-33) 4006 1112 / 3734
4600 3144
98364 83131


Mr Krishnendu Banerjee

Group Educational Training Services Supervisor (British Council certified counsellor)

Ms Sayanti Bhattacharya

Regional Counselling Manager (EATC Qualified Counsellor) (British Council certified counsellor) (CCEA certified counsellor)

Ms Swarnali Bose

Group Counselling Supervisor (EATC Qualified Counsellor) (British Council certified counsellor)

Ms Arunima Bhattacharya

Branch Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)

Ms Sreeparna Dey

Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)

Ms Sukhpreet Kaur

Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)

Ms Sagupta Parvin

Sr. Counsellor (EATC Qualified Counsellor)

Mr Ratan Kr Mukherjee

General Manager (Operations & Projects) (EATC Qualified Counsellor)

Mr Iran Sinha

Sr. Zonal Market Development Manager (EATC Qualified Counsellor)

Mr Monojit Maji

Group Market Development Supervisor

Mr Chironjoy Basu Mallick

Sr. Executive (Market Development)

Ms Tania Dey Sarkar

(British Council certified counsellor), Zone Manager Student Services

Mr Tapan Bag

Group Students Services Supervisor

Ms Minakshi Basak

Regional Operations & Project Manager – US Operations

Supriya Acharyya

Sr. Executive - Branch Market Development

Nibedita Dhar

Executive - Front Office

Amod Jha

Executive - Designing & Online support

Sourav Mukherjee

Executive - Social Media Marketing

Ms Madhumita GuhaRoy

Area Counsellor

Rahul Yadav

Admin Executive

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