by Global Reach 3rd October 2018

Mantras for Future International Students to have an Easy Life Abroad

Since ages, the holy saints of India invested their lifetime looking for ‘mantras’ (like magic spells, actually closer to the English term ‘tips’) for the ideal way of life. To which degree they have been successful in this introspective exploration, we know not. But we have realised that a ‘mantra’ or two can actually come in handy in any task we embark. And since, we specialise in study abroad consulting, we decided to share our share of wisdom on the a few tips which can make our students’ life abroad easier and more joyful.


Researching on the set of mantras for international students, something they can refer to during their tenure in a foreign country, we came across multiple sources which marked things in black and white. But being a little practical about the issues, which our students or any student studying abroad may experience, we decided to stick to the middle ground.


From cultural shocks to barriers, students, at their age of raw intelligence, are creatures of social construct. And these experiences pave the way for the perspective they will hold onto for the rest of their lives. And that is where lies the few guidelines every student must remember (and seek to adhere to) as a part of an international student community.


Respect all

Being careful to not sound like the textbook voice which teaches us to respect, we must respect the fact that everyone at a particular university or institution belongs to a world of contrasting cultures. With differing exposure to different school of thoughts, the opinions about a particular set of ideas might differ as well. But difference in opinion cannot and does not mean the person with the opinion is any different from you. And it is that difference we need to respect.

Most conflicts are caused because we refuse to acknowledge the opinion of the person in front of us.

Being respectful of the other’s opinion is a sign of reason and is also a learning tool in many cases. There could be a hundred ways to describe the same event but that does not necessarily mean that the descriptions are wrong. And understanding the point of view from where the opinions are coming from is the first step towards respecting our fellow mates.


Mingling is never a bad idea

You might have five thousand friends on social media or you might have been the most popular student back at your high school back home but without social interaction with your immediate environment, you are nothing. 

 Studying abroad comes with the added benefit of meeting new people. And if you are not mingling with them already then what is the point! (Except for the degree of course).

“All you have to do is make time for your new friends and leave the rest to your humble and honest side.”

Go out with them, hit your favourite hangout spots, read a book with them, do whatever you want to. Mingling is the best way to people’s heart. All you have to do is make time for your new friends and leave the rest to your humble and honest side.

On the other hand, not mingling with anyone on campus or off campus puts out a negative image of the student. This can also be mistaken with the students’ being snobs and might attract equally negative response from the people around.

So, the best way is to undoubtedly mingle.


More than just studies

Yes, yes, we understand you have spent money to study in an international university of your choice and you must understand that all courses abroad are highly assignment intensive. This means more often than not, you will be studying or working on assignments. But when you are done with your studies, which is at the end of the study tenure, there will be an iota of regret how you did not explore the new land, the new people, new culture-tradition and lifestyle.

If there is a hobby and if this hobby is worth working upon parallel to the usual studies just go ahead.

So, make sure you balance out the things properly and set out to explore a whole world of possibilities abroad. 

Similarly, if there is a hobby and if this hobby is worth working upon parallel to the usual studies just go ahead. It is advisable to find people with similar interests to learn new things from each other.

Such engagements besides studies can also take care of that sense of frustration which you might encounter after hours of studies. It also helps cope with the homesickness that we all know can give us second thoughts about studying abroad.

Your study abroad experience must be wholesome and it is something we encourage all our students. After all it is the sense of being a global citizen that should guide you throughout the tenure on a responsible and humble path. And you must make sure that you make the most out of this experience for a greater perspective of the world and life itself.

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